We purchased this 1966 Ford F600 in October 2009.  When purchased it had less than 3,000 miles. 


Riceville, Iowa Volunteer Fire Department

Primary Pumper  1966-2000

Reserve Pumper 2000-2009

Private Collector

Sold to Private Collector May 2009.

Sold to Private Collector October 2009.  Delivered via flatbed truck to Denver, CO November 2009.

Name Change to:  Penguin County Fire Department (fictional location)

Vehicle Facts:

1966 Ford F600 Commercial Chassis.  Date Manufactured:  1/18/1966.

Pump Manufacturer:   Luverne Pumps, Luverne, MN.  Pump Driven by PTO.

Gallons on Board:  500

Top Speed:  45 MPH.  4 speed transmission.

Place of Manufacture:   Kansas City--Claycomo Assembly Plant [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansas_City_Assembly]

Location of Original Sales Office:  Des Moines, Iowa

Emergency Warning System:   Mechanical Siren with 1 Rotating Red Beacon Light

Mileage:  2800 miles as of January 10, 2010.


Penguin County:  always loved penguins; wanted a fictional place; the rig is definitely from a rural fire department.

Engine 127:  The inspiration of it all is the show Emergency! from the 1970's.  Roy and Johnny.  Station 51 was the fire station featured on the show.   Universal Studios developed Emergency! and in its honor the fire station located on the Universal Studios lot is named Station 51.  The real station featured on the show is in Carson, CA and is still active as Los Angeles County Fire Station #127.  The slogan of the Station 127 is "Home of the Show".  For those in the know, Station 127 is a shrine.

For more information about Emergency! go to www.EmergencyFans.com

For more information about the Stations, Apparatus, and Dispatch Tones for Los Angeles County Fire Department go to:http://www.lacountyfire.com/modules.php?name=Stations